When requested, ASFM produces a new event feature called a “Fitness Blast”. This live workout will feature ASFM Talent, a DJ, and a program that will wow your crowd. Often added to walking, running and street fair events, The Fitness Blast creates an opportunity for your attendees to dance and /or workout.


ASFM is also a media company.  While we are at live events, we find the “heros” in the crowd, document the moment and capture the essence of the experience in photos, film, video and one of a kind interviews.  That content can be re-packaged in many ways and shared across multiple channels. At All Seasons Fitness Media, we strive to generate content that can be used for “all seasons” throughout the year to build interest in your brand and keep attracting potential attendees and partners well after your event by leveraging content. A successful fundraising campaign continues well after the event when you share content that highlights your event and continues to promote your need for support.


Sizzle Reels

We arrive at your live event with a list of sponsors, important guests and key event details and a shot list.  We blend in with attendees and partners to capture the content.  Then, we put the content together with music, logos & more.


Working with a wide range of artists and producers, we can video and/or film your event for posterity or to edit into a real time virtual snap shot of the event.

Live Stream

Share a key to your channels and we can stream your content live to expand your reach.  The production value is only limited by your budget and the reach is only limited by your followers.


We’re excited to find out more about you and how we can help you on your journey. Email to get the conversation started!